Sisters πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Adetoun, Deke & Lola – Muyiwa & Ajuah’s Angels.

Fam Probyn
We haven’t always gotten along but we are best of friends. Distance has come between us, but we have chosen to remain connected. Our bond is even stronger than it used to be, we have grown to love and accept each other.

Adetoun and Deke, my amazing sisters. Always there for me, the other mothers to my children. We are each so different, yet so alike. Raised to love and respect each other, raised to support each other.

Angels 89

Growing up at ours was interesting. Adetoun and I love to cook, Deke loves to clean. We actually thought Deke couldn’t cook but later realised she just wasn’t bothered (Dee can cook up a storm). We sounded very alike and could continue a conversation with a guy on the phone without having him realise he was speaking with someone else. Mum sounded like us too and the caller always got the hi :).

We had fun times going to Port-Harcourt to spend time with our dad as he worked there when we were younger. We would run around the compound with our dog Scoobydoo, climb trees and spend time eating the most delicious meals made by Mr. Dennis (dad’s cook).

We also had dogs in Lagos later – Andy & Charles. They died at some point in time. So sad as we loved them. Going to different secondary schools caused a rift in our relationship but we overcame that. We loved and lived life regardless of what came our way. Mum says she couldn’t understand our joy even when we had very little. We loved entertaining ourselves, dancing, taking care of our younger cousins who became part of our choreographed dance sessions.

My sisters are amazing and I absolutely love them. They have been there for me through the highs and the lows. I honestly believe that there’s nothing they can do that can break our bond. To the amazing women with the biggest hearts I know, I love you dearly. I love that we are the 3 mothers to our 4 children.


To anyone reading this who has a severed relationship with a sibling or more, please think about why this is so. Ask yourself if it is worth it, life is too short to live it being upset with someone, especially one you shared great memories with. I know it’s not always about you, but please try. Let’s embrace our first friends, if this doesn’t work out, know that you have tried, and that is okay.



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  1. Adenike Ali says:

    Beautiful write up Lola. I have 4 beautiful sisters too (no boy) and I love and appreciate the bond we share. Its very precious and dear to my heart.

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  2. Overi Ewefada says:

    I enjoyed reading this piece! Thank you for the reminder…

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