Create what works for you

Have you ever tried to go with the crowd? Jumped on the latest diet plan? Joined the newest gym? Bought and started eating kale or quinoa because others claim they are super healthy? There’s a long list of healthy eating and exercise to dos, but what works for you is what you’re comfortable with and that becomes something that is sustainable.

It’s really important to create what works for you as that’s really the only sustainable way to do things. Choosing to do things because others are doing them will most likely lead to a dead end.

When I chose to eat better and start exercising regularly, I kept it simple. Signed up at the gym and only went for classes thrice a week – zumba, spin and aerobics. I exercised at home twice a week, sometimes thrice. In total, I got in at least 5 days a week. After a few months, I got a personal trainer at the gym. Kaycee was good, she pushed me hard and I loved it.

I did eventually get tired of the gym as I love being outdoors, so when bootcamp for life coaches was introduced in 2017, I jumped on it very quickly. I had done a bit of personal training with a friend and we stopped for a bit, I cannot remember why. I joined the Bootcamp and it was totally me, I looked forward to being there and I showed up twice on some days. The variety of exercises at bootcamp, especially military bootcamp on Mondays was complete fun. Bootcamp stopped for a few months but I was back once it resumed. There’s just something about exercising outdoors. I also enjoyed the company.

In October 2019, I fell and hurt my left wrist while running backwards at bootcamp. This was super painful and it I therefore chose to exercise at home whilst healing. This was the beginning of the transition from bootcamp to only exercising at home. I do miss bootcamp, but I also love working out at home as I have discovered a variety of movement.

I have created my exercise routine based on what works for me at each point in time. I found each stage satisfying with visible results. Creating what works for you is really about being attentive to where you are and what you need at that point in time. I am a morning person and I have known this for years, so exercising in the morning works perfectly for me.

Are you creating what works for you or just following trends? Creating what works for you is a sure way to remain consistent. Is consistency an issue for you? What will you do to change this?


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