Unlocking Me

Reading ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover was indeed an education for me. The words ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery’ reminded me of ‘Freedom‘, written in 2016. I do need to go back and read it. 

Truly, freedom is needed. Freedom to be me, to be all that I was created to be. To dream big, to achieve amazing things. I realize that I have been held back at certain points by the bondage of the mind, by fear of the unfamiliar, by the need to stay safe, to conform.

There has been this blossoming in me, this awakening, the need to flee, to fly, to flow, to Be Me.

I have and I am still discovering Lola. I took a bold step recently and chose faith over fear. I’ve decided to let go and let God. I do not know where this is leading me to, but I trust God and I know His will will be done. 

For all the times I felt like fleeing, for all the times I did not flee out of fear, I am ready to confront everything. I am no longer that shy girl without confidence. Somehow, my confidence had been crushed as a child. I look in the mirror and no longer see that child but a I see a woman, an amazing woman who can achieve great things. This woman chooses confidence, she chooses to push past the things that have kept her bound. I choose to Do Me, Be Me, Be Happy.

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  1. Jennifer Meke says:

    Nice one Lola, this speaks to me. Even though I didn’t realize it when I took some decisions, but I can relate it now that I really wanted to be me.

    Keep it up

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    1. Love it. Keep being you, we all need to be ourselves


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