An observer, not a snob

When you enter a room full of people you don’t know, what do you do? Do you stand back, study the room, take it all in before proceeding? Do you look at faces before fully entering the room, somehow picking the person you might get along with? Pause

When you go out with a friend and you’re introduced to new people, do you smile and stop at hello most times? Pause

Have you been called/termed a snob just because you don’t immediately bond with the stranger you met a few seconds ago? Just because you don’t make friends quickly, like someone else? Pause

This my story. Happened to me often. The word snob has been used to describe me so many times. I’m used to it. This description is however from people who don’t know me and have judged my character prematurely.

When I meet new people, I tend to observe them. I listen to the words they say, watch their actions and their interactions with others. This observation is what draws me to some, allows me to open up or not. This is my default programming.

Being an observer means it takes time for me to make friends. This doesn’t mean I won’t get along with you, I simply stand back and watch you, deciding what level of relationship to have with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I might not make friends easily but I have good friends. I invest in friendships that last. Superficial friendships are a waste of time. Not everyone can be your friend, and that’s okay. That’s the reality of life.

If you’ve ever been called a snob, those whose termed you this probably don’t know the real you. Leave them be. Choose your circle and build it. Not everyone needs to be your friend. It doesn’t mean you hate them.

It’s okay to be an observer. Being an observer does not mean you’re not sociable. I am an observer and I love me that way 😊


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