Consistency is one of my watchwords for 2018. Yes, I know it’s been on the list in the last few years, but it’s going to keep being there. The why is simple – to excel at anything, consistency is key.

Yes, we all know this, but do we really apply this? If only we choose to be consistent in all we do, we will definitely be successful at them all.

In 2016, I became more consistent with taking home cooked lunches to work. I was in control of what I ate, what went into the food and I was doing one of the things I love doing- Cooking.

In 2017, I took this up a notch by making healthier food choices, focusing mainly on breakfast and lunch.

My meals became more fun, I started looking up more food (especially vegetable) options. I even cut down on grains – I stopped eating rice about 3 years ago, so this was easy. This meant reducing consumption of pasta, couscous, bulgur and oats.

I introduced lots of veggies, in fact sauteed veggies became my favourite. My oven is now my best friend, lol. Most meals are made in the oven, God bless the person who created the oven. The results of consistently eating better are amazing. I am leaner and mostly in good health. I plan on continuing this forever.

Please note that I enjoyed my favourite treats every now and then and that on certain days (mostly Sundays) my meals were not the healthiest. This will still continue as it’s all about balance.

What else have I been consistent at? Creating and running my healthy food brand – Trim & Fettle. I have always loved cooking and pondered on catering – private catering (small events). As I improved my cooking and eating habits, I felt the need to help others achieve this.

Trim and Fettle started off with salad dressings and baked goods. Today, I offer weekly lunch plans, salad dressings, baked goods and food trays. I look back at where I started off in 2016 and could only have gotten where I have with T&F by being consistent consistent – praying, looking up recipes, posting on instagram, reading, talking to people… This year, get ready as I will be flooding your timelines…..

This year, I choose to be consistent at everything I set my heart and mind to.

Here’s the list of things I need to be consistent with:

  • my daily devotion
  • prayers – writing them down, saying them
  • monthly commitments – donations, direct debits
  • spend quality time with my husband and children
  • checking up on family and friends
  • putting a blog post each month
  • writing down monthly goals
  • following up on monthly goals
  • exercising 3 to 5 times weekly
  • drinking at least 3 litres of water a day
  • start reading a book a month
  • completing tasks I start (there’s one major one that has been dragging for almost 2 years – my Life Coaching assignment. Sigh. I must complete it by the end of February)
  • memorise a bible verse a week
  • go to bed at 9pm on weekdays

The list is longer than this, but that’s most of it.

Here’s my consistency affirmation: I commit to being consistent in all I do.

How about you? What will you commit to being consistent with?

Note: It’s not about 100% consistency, you are only human. It’s okay to go off track. If and when you do, simply pick up where you left off.


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  1. Suleyol says:

    Real good. I like this consistency thing. No rice? Amazing! That’s all I eat. So,what do you eat?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Suleyol. I eat sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, plantain, lots of veggies, yam


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