Hug someone today

I am not a hugger. I observe people first and then when we get to know each other better, then I can start hugging you. This is as a result of how I was raised, my parents are not huggers. Does this mean they love us less than those whose parents always hugged and told them they loved them? Most likely not. They were just not raised to be huggers…

The point here is that we are all products of how we were raised. I have friends who can hug for days. My dear Bolakale is one of them. I must confess that it can be overwhelming being around huggers, but over the years, I have learnt to let my guard down. My friend Mobola always says I love you. Initially, I am not sure I responded. Now I respond to her freely.

I remember when someone who I had only met a few times tried to hug me and I did not hug her back. She got upset and expressed this to me. I had to explain to her that I was not a hugger. This revelation helped our relationship and now, the hugs flow better.

So where am I going with this? I was not raised a hugger but I love words, words that are true, sincere and from the heart. I get this from my mum. She used to spend lots of time reading through cards just to make sure the words were just like the ones she would write. No mushy words, just the truth. If the words were not right, a blank card would suffice.

I have realised that it’s okay to hug people, it’s okay to say I love you. I make sure I do this with my children especially (it’s okay for them to be huggers). They absolutely love this and they make sure they hug almost everyone. My parents are now huggers because of them.

Are you a hugger or are you learning to be one? Here’s a reminder that it’s okay to hug those around you, especially your children.

Hug someone today 🤗

Teach your children, let them be huggers. Let them learn to say I love you.


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