Don’t overthink it, just do it

A group of us arrived at bootcamp on Monday and our coach was unavailable. We decided we wouldn’t let the this opportunity go amiss, we would still  exercise. Someone asked who would lead us and my name was put forward. I was a bit scared, unsure I would be able to lead the session but I went ahead. The session went quite well. I never really realised that I had been preparing to lead an exercise class over the years.

What I got from Monday’s experience was that I was prepared for the task that day. My exercise routines had become a part of me and I never really thought about it. This was a reminder that there is no need to overthink things, sometimes just go with the flow and do what needs to be done.


What are you overthinking about today? Stop thinking, just do it. There are so many things we have already been prepared for we just need to take a chance. Try stepping out of the box today, you will never know….



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