How much do you love yourself?

How much do you love yourself?

Do you know what it really and truly means to love yourself?

Do you have what it takes to love yourself?

Can you take on self love?

Are you ready to love yourself?

We are all able to love ourselves. Restrictions have however been placed on us by our upbringing, education and environment.

To truly love yourself is to take care of YOU. Love within YOU. You cannot give what you do not have.

I exercise because I love my body. It is not about the aesthetics, but about how I feel about myself. I eat healthy at least 80% of the time as a result of loving my body. There’s a level of confidence that comes with this. It’s not about the perfect body (as that does not exist). It’s about the end result – how I want to look and feel when I am much older.

Exercise helps me sleep better, improves my mood and most of all, I love exercising. Other benefits include combating certain health conditions and disease, so why not exercise? I know someone reading this might think we will all die one day, so what is the big deal. My answer, I was created on purpose and for a purpose and I will live to fulfill this.

Are you taking care of your body? Do you love your body? Exercising and eating right for short term gain is pointless if your vision is short. If you are on this path, you do not love YOU (your body), you are only after the immediate gain.

To gain long term benefits, you have to love YOU enough to want to go the long haul. The slim lady you see at the gym and wonder why she bothers most likely loves herself enough to care for it. The same goes for the lady who eats healthy or drinks water only, she is in for the long haul.

Please note that not everyone is supposed to be tiny. There is no one size fits all. You can be a UK size 16 and still be quite fit. Body dimensions are not the determining factors when it comes to taking care of YOU.  There is however the need to be mindful of being overweight and know your health status.

The important thing is that you love yourself enough to take care of your body. Everything you put in to it will either nourish you or poison you.

I take care of my body because I love it. This means regular exercise, eating right most times, sleeping 8 hours, remembering to breathe and lots more.

Do you love your body? Do you take care of it? Your thoughts and actions have long term benefits. Think about this today. It’s never too early to start loving YOU.

This post was inspired by conversations I have had with a few ladies recently. The absence of self love is real, in fact it is glaring. Ladies, start loving YOU today. Start from where you are, take baby steps. You will get there.


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