Who is your boss

I attended a ‘Connecting Stories’ event today and the speaker Mrs. Ayeni shared a few lessons based on her life experiences. The one that stuck out to me was – God is your boss. She said she saw God as her boss all the time. It didn’t matter who her physical boss was – whether the person was nice or not. She just always worked as unto the Lord. She encouraged us to always put forward the best quality of work, no matter the situation. God sees and knows all the work we do and all the effort we put into it. 

I immediately started thinking, I have never really seen God as my boss. Yes, I know He is Lord over everything, but I have never thought of working for someone as being the same as working for God.

I honestly just see the human boss and see myself working for that person. I get upset if I am not spoken to nicely, complain or sulk sometimes too. It’s not like I’ve never heard this, I just somehow haven’t applied it.

I have decided to see God as my boss, to place Him above all at work. To put forward the best quality of work, as all I do is for Him, for His glory. 

This is what I am taking into the new week. How about you? Is Jesus your boss?


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