Who are you?

My children and I went to see Lion King on Sunday. What we watched wasn’t exactly new as we have seen Lion King 2 (the cartoon) so many times. The movie was easy to follow and we all enjoyed watching it.

The main lesson I learned from the movie was on IDENTITY. Scar knew exactly who Simba was and what the future held for him. He was threatened by this and executed his plan. While on exile, Simba chose to forget who he was. Simba’s encounter with Rafiki was the icing on the cake for me, his struggle to identify himself, the sudden realisation of who he was. This scene reminded me of the struggle Jacob had with God, how he wrestled with God and how his name got changed to Israel. The battle and name change altered his identity and his future (Read Genesis 32).

A few years ago, I forgot who I was and whose I was. I was lost, buried in the midst of everyday roles and chores. I became frustrated with myself and then it dawned on me that I was lost. I had let life take over, I was no longer me, I had become my roles and responsibilities. The point of frustration led me back to ME, knowing whose I am, knowing that though life happens, I did not have to let life happen to me.

The turning point did not happen overnight and I am still on the journey to unveiling my whole identity. I am working on me, learning, listening and looking out for all the gifts and talents hidden in me.

There are certain aspects I have discovered and they truly define me. Some physical, some to do with attitude. We all have an identity and our identities should stand out.

Break the mould There are really no written rules Things are done a certain way, But they don’t always have to be done that way Write your own rules Create your own story Express yourself Be yourself Spread your (1)

Do you know who you are? What qualities identify you? What are you known as? What are you known for? Don’t get caught up with things of this world. Don’t get caught up seeking people’s approval.

Discover YOU


Know YOU

Spread YOU to the world


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