Not afraid of the rain 🌧

I had frequent asthma attacks growing up. They were triggered by things like dust, moisture, strong smells, fumes, drastic change in weather and being in the rain for only a few seconds. Some attacks were mild, others left me hospitalized or at home for a few days.

In a bid to avoid asthma attacks, I became very careful, conscious of my environment, avoiding the rain as much as possible. I started having less asthma symptoms and even went years without having to use an inhaler.

Embracing frequent exercise has helped reduce the attacks. Symptoms showed up when I took long breaks from exercising.

Choosing to exercise outdoors means that I can’t always avoid being in the rain. I remember the first time it started raining while at bootcamp, I was ready to run off and head home. A fellow bootcamper stopped me, asked me to stay that I’ll be fine. She’s also asthmatic and noticed that exercising in the rain has helped her.

This advise has been a game changer for me. I now exercise in the rain and I do not end up having an asthma attack. I haven’t used my inhaler in so long, it’s become one of those things in my bag.

I have embraced my fear of being in the rain and no longer worry about being ill after a few drops fall on me.

Are you also afraid of being in the rain? Afraid of something else? I encourage you to face your fears, you’ll never know the outcome until you try. Be like me, challenge yourself today 😉


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