Love your body

For me, there’s nothing like exercising outdoors. To breathe in fresh air, to enjoy the calmness, possibly some scenery … Mornings work best for me and so joining Coach Ojoi’s bootcamp January last year was perfect. Started off as a 3month life coaches bootcamp which challenged us to exercise at least 5 days a week and then I choose to continue. I love bootcamp because the routines change every now and again, I am challenged to do more, work harder.

Someone once asked why I bother exercising considering I am slim, this is a regular question. People still assume that once you’re slim you no longer need to take care of yourself. This is why some start strong, achieve the goal of being a certain size and then let go.

My response? I am taking care of my body. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your body, there’s a lot amiss when the focus is to have a body like the next person.

We all go through different stages in life and our bodies change somewhat with each stage.

I have never had a completely flat tummy but most people would never have known this as I have mostly covered this up perfectly. Wore clothes that suited me…

Pregnancy changed my body. My waist was smaller, stomach flatter, my belly button was hidden. After childbirth the second time around, I gained weight, my stomach was big and I decided to start exercising.

Unknown to me, I had diastasis recti (protruding of the stomach/mummy tummy). I have worked on this and leaned out as a result of better eating habits and consistent exercise.

However, my stomach still isn’t flat. I stay away from certain types of fitted clothes. My belly button now only protrudes slight (I only noticed this recently when I stopped forcing about it).

The best news is that in 2016 I could fit 4 fingers through the gap in my diastasis and now It’s down to only one finger. This for me is fantastic. My body still isn’t the way I would love it to be and that’s okay.

What’s important is that I take care of myself by exercising frequently and eating right at least 90% of the time.

My body is what it is. I am proud of the results I see and that’s what matters. My goal is to be lean and that’s not because I want my body to like anybody else’s.

What’s your body goal? Focus on it. Love your body. Eat healthier, start exercising regularly, even if all you can do is walk for 30 minutes daily. Keep moving, respect your body, own your body.

Remember, it’s not about the perfect body. It’s about self care 😉


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