The love of words

There once was a little girl who loved words

She loved music, she loved to sing

She loved words so much she read the dictionary

She played crossword puzzles with her grandfather

She also read Shakespeare with him

She loved words so much it translated to her love for writing and poetry

She loved words and was confident about what she wrote

She even challenged a teacher based on an assignment that was poorly graded

She loved words so much, she would read a book or two or three a day

Her mother also loved words, so there were always books to read

The little girl joined the school choir, she loved it

Her grandfather also loved music, so they would sing together

They made a lovely melody

This girl grew up to be a woman who still loves words and music

The older she got, the less time there seemed to be for her loves

The little girl got lost along the way

I am that little girl and I have been rekindling my love for words and music

Words come first, then music

They both calm me and take me to places indescribable

I am that little girl who loved words, I still do



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