Build a support system

There’s nothing like having people who can help you make life less overwhelming

You honestly can’t do it all yourself

We all need help

There’s no need to get caught up in the ‘I can do it myself or no one can do it better than me‘ bubble.

Burst that bubble, throw that thought away

We all need support

We all need people to survive

People who will help us

People we can share the load with every now and then

People who will take the children while you catch some much-needed me-time

People who understand you

People who love you

Those people exist, don’t overlook them

If you’re stuck in the ‘do it all myself phase’, you need to start building relationships

They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to work

Might seem hard as you live in a town with no relatives, one far away from where you grew up

This doesn’t matter as you can form relationships with new friends who can end up being closer than family

Life is too short not to be enjoyed, too short to be spent being overwhelmed

Build a support system, open up to people helping you

We were not created to do it all by ourselves


Lola ❤️





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  1. jzedomi says:

    Lola, very insightful and well couched. I particularly liked this paragraph “They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to work”.

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    1. Thanks for reading Pastor John. Seeking perfect situations can be such a waste of time, so yes we just have to make the best of the support available


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