Affirm your children

Affirm your children, so they won’t need affirmations from outsiders

Tell them they are loved,

Tell them they are beautiful

Tell them they’re intelligent

Tell them they are creators

Tell them all the good that they are

Tell them they can achieve anything they put their minds to

Teach them to love themselves

Teach them to accept who they are

Teach them to be whole

Teach them how to affirm themselves, let them repeat affirmations daily

Don’t leave this to outsiders to do

An outsider could lure your child away under the guise of being loving

Children who are not affirmed end up with issues as adults

They could end up not loving themselves

They could end up with low self-esteem

They could end up hanging with the wrong crowd just because some in that crowd affirms them

Affirm your children

It doesn’t cost anything

Speak positive words over your children

Build their self-esteem

Raise confident people

Raise balanced people

You’re raising the future

Start affirming your children today for a greater tomorrow


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