Healthy eating on a budget, how?

I have had a few conversations with those who think healthy eating is expensive. I understand where the thought comes from, but I also know that eating healthy does not have to be expensive.

Part of the problem is that people are not thinking local/what’s easily available. Thinking totally sabotages the fact that local foods are also healthy foods and that they are affordable.

Instead of imported greens, buy local greens. They can be used exactly the same way. Sautéed greens are always a winner.

I’ve tried a variety of greens, mostly because I wasn’t going to buy expensive kale. Kale was super expensive when it wasn’t grown in Lagos and so it was off my list until recently. Even with kale being cheap, I still love trying other greens out. My favourite is Ugu – pumpkin leaves.

Sautéed greens are a favourite, so there’s always some green leafy vegetable in my fridge. Stewed or not, greens are just perfect.

Salads are also a go to. There’s almost always lettuce, carrot & cabbage available. This is the base for most of my salads.

Eating homemade meals also helps with healthy eating on a budget. I eat at least 90% (closer to 99.9% most times) home cooked meals. The advantage with home cooked meals is that and I’m in control of what goes into my meals.

Next month, I will be sharing tips and a few of my favourite healthy meals on a budget. Subscribe to get tips on my favourite meals on a budget.


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  1. Lola says:

    Absolutely love this Lola… Look forward to your next blog

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