Discovering creativity

I always thought creativity had to do with art, fashion and other forms of expression. I never thought of myself as being creative. However, this way of thinking changed last year while taking IIN’s health coaching course. The creativity module is what changed this.

The instructor described creativity as expression and this covers a lot of things including journaling and writing. I find that there’s something therapeutic about writing and I really enjoy doing this. I however found that a combination of working from home and journaling kind of took my focus off writing regular blog posts. I’ve decided to pick this habit up again and put up weekly posts.

Being artsy is not how I would describe myself, but I recently discovered a love for painting. There’s something really therapeutic about it. My first experience was a bit of a challenge, I had planned a sip & paint experience with friends. The artist had asked what words came to mind and I mentioned self love and being/owning you.

We were in for a surprise as she decided we would paint self portraits. I was worried but I totally loved the experience.

My second experience, this time with my family, was to paint the Lekki Toll Bridge landscape. This turned out nice too. Maybe the artist in me is coming out?

Our collection. July 2021

I now have my third piece of art and I absolutely love it. I started off painting in a somewhat rigid way and then I let loose. Am I becoming a budding artist? Maybe not, but I love discovering this form of creativity.

My latest piece, I loved playing with the colours. August 2021

Everyone is creative, we all just need to give it a go. Be open, try something different, you might just like it. Everyone has their own interpretation of things, and that’s okay. Explore creativity 💙💙💙


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Temi says:

    I’m going to plan one of these paint parties soon, I loved painting as a child oooo, need to take it up again. You and your hair 😍😍😍😍 beaurrrriiifful


    1. You should definitely try a paint part soon. Thanks for the compliment 🤗


  2. nana addo says:

    I digress, your hair in the second shot caught my eye more than the painting. I guess I’m being creative by being expressive here right?😀. Lovely hair do.
    Well done you, I can’t even paint a star to save my life but from today you are my inspiration. Keep it up girl.


    1. 🤣🤣🤣 thanks Nana. You’ll be surprised what you can paint, give it a try 😉


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