Structure = Freedom

Having structure in my life makes a huge difference. It may seem inflexible, but I find it quite helpful and it also gives me the freedom to vary things too.

Some don’t like structure because it’s normally associated with rigidity. However, this is far from the truth.

When I started exercising at home, I did a variety of exercises, sometimes repeating certain ones within the same week. I however found rhythm gradually and created a routine that works for me.

This routine gives me the opportunity to work different muscle groups on different days and I am able to vary the exercises. Monday’s are for full body exercises, these can range from kickboxing to HIIT to barre or strength training. The focus is the same regardless of the type of workout I decide to do.

I am able to enjoy this flexibility because of I have embraced structure. I have the freedom to vary exercises each day with the same aim. This was created as a result of consistency. So even when I’m feeling tired, yoga will come into play. Focus is not on a particular exercise routine, but on movement.

Habits help create structure and I’ve built my morning routine around the need to take care of myself. This is ‘me time’ and I cherish it. It helps me function and starts my day off in a positive way.

My focus is about creating a system/routine that works for me and not on a certain goal. Goals are great but without structure they will be unattainable.

Routines don’t have to be created overnight, it takes time and they can always be tweaked to suit situations as they arise. The ability to tweak routines is freedom.

The great thing about having structure is that even when you deviate for a while, you’re able to come back to it. Habits are created by repetition, so the body remembers what you used to do.

For those who feel like structure is limiting, I encourage you to try it out again. Build a routine and run with it for a while, you are bound to experience freedom. With freedom comes creativity. Do give it a try 😉


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  1. naya addo says:

    Confessions!!!, I belong to the school that associates structure with ridgity unfortunately.
    But maybe I’ll give your advise a try and see if the structure =freedom path is the way to go.

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